Écrivains de la Mauricie - Dictionnaire bio-bibliographique, critique et anthologique

(A Central-Quebec writers’ Dictionary, co-edited by G. Brulotte. Trois-Rivières, Bien Public, 1981)

Reviews' excerpts

"This is a working tool that is particularly interesting and precious, so much so that we should wish to have one for each country of the Francophone world." Robert Cornevin, Paris, Culture française 3-4 (1982 & 1983): 217.

"One is learning biographical and bibliographical details, and above all, which seems to me very important, one gets in contact with excerpts of works and original texts by the authors, which gives to a dictionary a contemporary face, a direct grasp on creativity and its manifestations. (…) These Mauricie’s writers are therefore to be read in their contrasts, their words." Claude Beausoleil, Montreal, Le Devoir (Aug. 8, 1981): 13.

"The book is original in its conception. On top of a self-presentation and a biography, one may find in it a rather exhaustive bibliography (including articles, shows, exhibitions, radio-programs…), reviews by the most important critics and an anthology portion with a selection of sentences from the works and a few full-lenght texts often unpublished. All this information comes to extend the fictions and locate them in a moving whole. This makes this "dictionary" a substantial pedagogical document as well as an open book to all the happiness of a loving reading." Gérald Gaudet, Montreal, Lettres québécoises 23 (1981): 87.

"It is an original work, of a new kind of conception, which gives, for each author, on top of the usual information that provides this type of dictionary, critical blurbs, a selection of main quotations from the works and a text, most of the time unpublished." André Gaudreault, Trois-Rivières, Le Nouvelliste (June 1st, 1981): 15.

"The enterprise is daring and the directors of the project have obviously produced a practical work, which is well-thought of and well-conceived. (...) It’s the fruit of a large-scale work. (…) A dictionary that fills in a lack." Marie-Andrée Hamel, Montreal, Le Livre d'ici (9 sept. 1981): 2

"The teacher will be able to find in here a precious pedagogical tool." Gérald Gaudet, Le Nouvelliste (June 20, 1981): 26.

"A work of very high quality, which shows the vitality of creative writing in that region of Quebec (…) Represents a consolidation of forces that interests not only the Mauricie area, but the entire Quebec state, and this is an interesting dictionary to read through." Yves Beauchesnes, Montreal, L'Ecrilu 1.3 (Nov. 1981): 5