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Nulle part qu'en haut désir (Nowhere Than Utimate Desire)

An essay on the meaning of literature, the redefinition of style and beauty, the importance of empathy for a creative writer. The author talks about his attention to the diversity of beings, to human singularities, to the intensities of the world in their nuances. For him, writing is not just a question of technique, it comes from a vision that should ideally make the reader more sensitive, and therefore better.

La contagion du réel

A new collection of short stories published in 2014. From one story to another, readers are invited to laugh at human frailness, to step back to take time to contemplate, smell the rose and wonder, but also to react with terror and revolt in front of absurd directions our world is taking sometimes.

La Nouvelle québécoise

Published in Montreal by HMH, this is the very first historical survey of 150 years of short story production in French in Quebec.

Encyclopedia of Erotic Literature

"An open mind is like an open window. It lets the fresh air in." Mike Hernacki.
"Creative understanding continues creativity, and multiplies the artistic wealth of humanity." Bakhtine.
An open mind and creative understanding are the mind frame that presided over the conception of this reference work.
This 2-volume book has been published in New York by Routledge in August 2006. Neither a bibliographical listing nor an anthology of extracts from a limited number of texts, this encyclopedia is the very first work of its kind: a comprehensive and discursive catalogue of those innumerable works, written in many different languages throughout our known history, in which ‘sex-talk’ is the dominant discourse. The history of this discourse is as old as the history of writing itself. More about the Encyclopedia of Erotic Literature

The Lucidity Room

In this essay the author is a strong supporter of literature, which he feels is threatened to disappear. In a recent televised interview the American writer Philip Roth said that writers and literature will probably not exist anymore in some twenty-five years... more about The Lucidity Room

Life Sideways

This is a collection of fifteen short stories that all deal with the notion of happiness, but each in a different way and form... more about Life Sideways

The Guardian of the Violins

This play is about a young violin amateur that one day, out of curiosity, gets in the shop of an old violin-maker and will never leave. A strange situation that may look like a trap… more about The Guardian of the Violins

To the Test

This is a collection of five short stories in which all the characters are submitted to some form of testing and where they also try to test the world around them.... more about To the Test

Limentinus’s Workbooks. Readings of the End of the Century

Limentinus is a symbolic name that comes from a modest Roman god who would guard doors, thresholds and entrances. In this book, Brulotte is acting as a modern Limentinus who simply opens doors to the readers... more about Limentinus’s Workbooks

Works of the Flesh: Figures of Erotic Discourse

Since the origins of civilization, human beings made their sexuality a major problem that needs evaluation and reflection. This is the problem that tries to describe this essay, which is the very first of its kind on the neglected genre of erotic novels... more about Works of the Flesh

The world of Jean Paul Lemieux

Jean Paul Lemieux is a well-known 20th century Canadian painter (1904-1990). This book offers the first semiological approach to this major painter of that area. It demonstrates how the art of Lemieux is an exceptional aesthetic achievement that can benefit to everyone and that he deserves to be better well known outside of his country of origin.... more about The world of Jean Paul Lemieux

What Holds Us

This is a collection of twelve stories grouped in three different parts: Resistance, Insistence, and Persistence.... more about What Holds Us


This anthology gathers four short stories by different authors: Gaëtan Brulotte, Monique LaRue, Madeleine Monette, and Sylvie Weil and all on the same theme: the beach... more about Plages

The Secret Voice

This is a collection of ten short stories which all deal with the relationships of the characters to the law. The law has many facets: orders to follow, internalized principles we obey to without questioning, etc. These stories analyze what happens when one gets rid of its consciousness: a world of nonsense.... more about The Secret Voice | read an excerpt

Ecrivains de la Mauricie

more about Ecrivains de la Mauricie

Double Exposure

A novelist inquires on a strange individual that he spotted on the street watching the traffic all day long, or so it seems... more about Double Exposure | read an excerpt

How to get the books

In English, Gaëtan Brulotte’s books are available at