Short Stories, an anthology that includes "Plagiaire" (Montreal: Quebec-Amerique, 1987)

This anthology gathers four short stories by different authors: Gaëtan Brulotte, Monique LaRue, Madeleine Monette, and Sylvie Weil and all on the same theme: the beach. The longest one, by Brulotte, and titled "Plagiaire", offers a sort of "poetics" of Love. This story is also part of Brulotte's collection Ce qui nous tient (What Holds Us).

Reviews' excerpts

"Of all the laureates of the Robert-Cliche Award, Gaëtan Brulotte is without any doubt the writer who has best accomplished his past promises, the only one finally that gave to his writing the dimension of a literary work with all its components including the mastery of language, the precision and the required risk taking of this process. It is no surprise that the text he is offering here is the main piece of work of Plages." Guy Cloutier, Quebec City, Le Soleil, Jan.17, 1987, p. F-10.

"With its skilled construction, "Plagiary" justifies by itself the reading of Plages." Claire Côté, Quebec City, Nuit Blanche, May-June 1987.

"Gaetan Brulotte is indulging himself to one’s heart’s content, building a script within a script… The style is alert, sharp, dynamic. All the genres are rushing to get in the story. He is putting up a shining display of resources." Micheline LaFrance, Montreal, La Vie en rose, March 1987.

"This collection begins by the delightful short story by Gaetan Brulotte titled "Plagiary" (…) his sentence has often the unfurling power of waves and the sparkling of foam." Claude Fouillade, Bulletin de la Société des Professeurs français en Amérique, New York, 1987