Gaëtan Brulotte, writer

Short presentation

photo by Oscar Chavez, 2006 photo by Oscar Chavez, 2006Gaëtan Brulotte has authored some fifteen books so far. Click on Books or Bibliography for a short presentation of these books, some excerpts and critical feedback on them. Click here for his full Vita. As an award-winning and widely anthologized Francophone creative writer, he published a novel L'Emprise (translated as Double Exposure) and five collections of short stories Le Surveillant (translated as The Secret Voice), Ce qui nous tient (What Holds Us), Epreuves (Testing), La Vie de biais (Life Sideways), La Contagion du réel (Contagious Realities) and a play Le Client (The Violins), which was premiered at the Avignon Drama Festival in France in 2001 and restaged afterwards. His fiction works won over fifteen literary awards. Some were also adapted for cinema, television, stage and radio. His fiction works are translated into several languages, including English, Italian, Spanish, German, Serbian, Romanian, and Hungarian as well as featured in numerous anthologies and textbooks... read more...

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